Film Team-
- Who we are:
                      An international collective of highly experienced professionals coming from a diverse set of film industry backgrounds but mainly specializing in wildlife and nature filmmaking. We are joined by a dolphin researcher, who spent several decades trying to better understand and help protect these amazing creatures. Common to all of us is our deep concern for the environment and the heartfelt desire to use our skills to make this world a better place. Especially important to us is the conservation of the oceanic world and marine life. Each of us has his individual reasons, but we all feel a strong connection to the strange and amazingly beautiful underwater universe.
- What we want to do:
                      To raise awareness about the threats the oceans face in these modern times.  To educate the next generations about the issues related to the well-being and survival of marine mammals. To help establish an emotional connection between future decision-makers and the environment they will be responsible for.  To give voice to those wonderful species, who are so intelligent but cannot speak for themselves. To do this with a positive outlook. To show that the oceans are not doomed yet. To help people understand how they can help save whales and dolphins and other species that need our protection.
-How we want to do it:
                     We strongly believe in the power of films. We understand that movies have this magical quality that lets human beings connect to subjects on an immediate, emotional level that is in many ways more powerful than any other medium. 
Our goal is to create short movies that showcase the amazing beauty of marine mammals as well as highlight the issues they face. We will then distribute these films through diverse channels: Online streaming, educational packages (including additional info material) for schools and communities
The website will serve as a central hub for these institutions as well as for other non-profit conservation groups. They can go there and choose from our content library whatever serves their purpose best. After they pass a simple and quick check if there purpose is legit, they will be able to download the content for free. 
It is important to us that this will be a non-profit endeavor. Everybody should have the opportunity to learn about these issues, regardless of their economic situation.
Ultimately the kids and youngsters (and adults) should be left with a sense of wonder, a better understanding of the issues and a desire to do something about it.
Numerous times we have experienced first-hand how movies can ignite that spark in young people. Once the emotional connection is established, they will go out and gather more information, get involved and often come up with new and creative ways to make a difference.
-Why we think this is necessary:
                        Countless movies have been made about aquatic life and marine mammals. However, most of these ultimately serve a business purpose. Broadcasters and producers depend on profits. These films need to be sold. Entertainment sells. Perfect, idealized, untouched natural beauty sells. Education and conservation don't sell so well. 
We make a living working in the wildlife film industry and feel extremely lucky to have these wonderful jobs. But we've become increasingly frustrated with the fact that often we are actually showing a skewed representation of the state of natural world. That is why we want to dedicate ourselves to a different approach. 
Rare are the examples of environmental films that really have an impact. 
These examples ("Sharkwater", "The Cove", etc.) usually don't originate from the established nature film industry but were born from a passionate approach, where profit was not the most important factor. Many other films focused on conservation have been made by people with great dedication but a lack of skills and experience in filmmaking. Still, we are inspired by these examples and we feel that we can build upon and hopefully improve in some ways the work that has already been done. We are very proud to join an international community working for a worthy cause.

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